About DB Homes

We’re not just great builders. We’re partners committed to adding value to your project.

To deliver real benefits, our projects are effectively managed. Our infrastructure & professional management techniques ensure efficient operations & timely completion. Our goal is to maximize customer satisfaction & achieve a desired quality.

The core focus of our work is building quality granny flats & residential homes. The essence of residential construction is attention to detail. The same care and attention goes into whatever we do, regardless of project size. Design, Quality, Cost-Effectiveness, Timely Execution, Transparency and Customer Service, these are the fundamentals of our approach.

DB Homes has already completed estate projects ranging from small to the large, with over 200 projects under management.  DB Homes adds value to each project with attention to detail and by blending style with finesse to produce modern properties that are high in demand.

Facilities Management

Our customer focused and dedicated team provides comprehensive services under one single roof. Repairs, maintenance, cleaning, landscaping and joinery services are just a few of the services we offer.

Our Staff

The collective skill, expertise & experience of our team ensures a streamlined process in everything we do, resulting in advantages for our organisation and as an end result to our clients.


At DB Homes we are always recruiting for our team of professional experienced staff. If you are a dynamic person with an ambition to succeed and work as part of a team then DB Homes can provide you with the opportunity. Contact us today!

Contractors & Consultants

If you are a Contractor or a Consultant interested in building a commercial relationship with DB Homes on existing or future contracts then please send your organisation details to info@db-homes.com.au.

Trust, Experience & Knowledge

With confidence in your builder you can achieve your dream result

The confidence you have in your builder being able to satisfy your needs is essential to you trusting your builder. Therefore DB Homes insist that your initial consultation is conducted personally by Steve the owner and founder of the business. You can be confident that any ideas, questions or concerns you might have, can be raised, discussed and explained by him so you will feel comfortable your in the hands of an experienced professional.

Why building with DB Homes is the Smart Choice

Trusted Builders since 1979

  • Over 35yrs Experience, Trusted Master Builders
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Traditional craftsmanship combined with Modern Technology
  • Fully Customisable Designs, Plans & Options
  • High Quality fittings & materials
  • Sustainable & Energy Efficient Practises
  • Personal Allocated Master Builder to manage your project from start to finish
  • Assistance with government legislation, plans submissions and local building regulations