Building Green

Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable Energy Efficient Homes

To promote practical and affordable Environmental solutions for residential design and construction. We have gone GREEN. Let DB Homes lay the foundations to your development of sustainable, green & energy efficient building. DB Homes specialise in the design & development of environmentally sustainable building solutions.  Let DB Homes assist you in your contribution to building green. Use environmentally friendly building products while still saving on your construction costs.

Building Green Features


Double-glazed windows (two panes of glass separated by a sealed air space) cut heat transfer by 40-50 percent. In extremely cold regions, triple glazing could be economically justified.


Install energy-efficient lighting throughout the home. New energy efficient downlights are also available to ensure you are saving energy whilst not compromising on looks. For all outdoor lights ensure a timer is connected so all lights are set to turn off after a set time even if you do leave the lights on.

Hot Water Units

Decrease your carbon footprint and reduce your water heating bill by 10 percent by lowering the water heater temperature. Alternatively install a Solar Powered Hot Water Unit to reduce your electricity bill and contribute to eliminating greenhouse effect.


Insulation is the most effective way to improve the energy efficiency of a home. Insulating a home can save 45- 55% of heating

High Thermal Cladding

The use of high thermal cladding (ie EPS Cladding) will improve the energy efficiency of a home. Specialised Wall Cladding systems are 100% Recyclable, contains no CFC and can achieve an R Value of up to 2.34