Am I allowed to build a Granny Flat on my property?

Here are the general requirements for building granny flats:

  • Maximum floor area 60m²
  • 3m rear set back from property boundary
  • Land zoned residential, and
  • Blocks should be 450m² or greater

Can I build a Granny Flat on a battle axe block?

The answer is yes. As long as the laneway to your block is at least 3m wide and the lot’s dimensions are at least 12m wide x 12m long.

Is getting an approval to build a Granny Flat difficult?

No! In fact, the Australian Government is encouraging people to build granny flats.

Can I build without going through the local council?

Yes. Private Certifiers can approve given that your land is appropriate for Complying Development Application. This will be determined by assessing the Planning Certificate for each project.

How long does it take to get an approval for a Granny Flat?

From the time of signing the contract and client approving preliminary plans, approximately 3-6 weeks.

How long does it take to build a Granny Flat?

84 Business days given weather conditions and public holidays.

Can I build an ‘Alfresco’ area as part of the Granny Flats?

Yes. Size allowed is determined on the size of the land and council regulations.

Can I build a 2 storey Granny Flat?

No. Granny flats can only be built with single storey.

How many Granny Flats can I build on one block?

You can build 1 Granny Flat and a Studio on a title of land.

What inclusions come with the build of a new Granny Flat?

Please refer to our full list of granny flat inclusions here

Can I add a Garage to my Granny Flat area?

Yes, you can add a garage but the project should go through local council (DA) which may require more time to get the approval.

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