Building a Granny Flat – Our Process

We provide easy and affordable granny flat solutions tailored to your individual needs. Many people think that the building process can be a real pain – but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve created a streamlined process to ensure your granny flat is built with the least amount of stress possible!

Here’s how it works:


Step 1: Enquire

Simply give us a call or send us an email. You are likely to hear about us through our website, Corflute signs, referrals, or one of the other types of avenues we partake in.


Step 2: Information Collection

This is where we collect basic information and advise you of what documentation will be necessary to commence the process. We will also record your name, best contact number and the suburb you’re interested in.


Step 3: Initial Builder Contact

When we have your information, we pass it on to Steve the builder, who will visit your site and assess it.


Step 4: Send Your Section 149 – Part 2 & 5

This is sent through to our research department who will determine if there are any problems. When it has been analysed, we will prepare the price and contract submission with a fixed amount so you know exactly how much to you will need to pay.


Step 5: Follow Up Call

We will give you a call to see if you are pleased with the contract. Agreements are organised so you can choose your design option and receive your first invoice.


Step 6: Starting the Plans

When the initial 5% deposit has been paid, the design department starts planning the project, including a comprehensive site-survey.


Step 7: Design Completion

When you’ve approved the design you will be sent a second invoice and we will notify our development department to submit the final plans for approval. This can often take 2-4 weeks. After this, we will start organising surveys, lining up contractors and ordering the necessary supplies.


Step 8: Building Process

This usually takes 10-12 weeks, depending on weather conditions. If any of your payments are late by more than 7 days, this could also result in some project delay.


Step 9: Job Completion

After the completion of the job we release the final invoice for practical completion, and you receive the Final Occupation Certificate.