Building a Granny Flat brings family closer together

Building a Granny Flat creates the space & privacy you need

Hundreds of families have already discovered that building a Granny Flat to their existing home is a perfect solution to counteract the increasing housing crisis. Not just for “Grannies” DB Homes Granny Flats are small scale affordable self-contained houses built to the same high standard and superior quality as our executive homes.

While the cost of both rent and home prices spiral ever upward, it has become increasingly difficult, if not downright impossible, for young adults to get a foothold in the housing market, for older adults to realize their retirement dreams and for growing families to have the space they need.

Helping Growing Families

Granny Flats are an affordable and practical way for parents to provide financial support to their adult children as their families grow. The only alternative to renting is to remain in their parent’s home, but in most cases the existing family home lacks the internal space needed to accommodate two separate families. A DB Homes Granny Flat built can provide the perfect solution.

A Granny Flat addition gives both families the option of living in either the existing house or the Granny Flat. In the future if one of the families moves out, then the vacant property can provide a vital source of rental income if desired.

Saving Money & getting ahead

The increasing cost of purchasing a home plus the general cost of day to day living has led to the need for both parents to work. Even with two incomes families with children still struggle to meet their financial commitments. A large proportion of couple’s income can be consumed by childcare costs. Grandparents are often called upon to help, but many live too far away to be of any practical day to day assistance.

Building a Granny Flat will provide accommodation for grandparents to be close at hand for childminding and yet remain independent from the rest of the family.

Building for the future

Using the existing equity in an existing home, to build a DB Granny Flat addition is a great solution to an overcrowded home. Many school leavers have incomes too low to fully support themselves independently and therefore still live in the family home.

These dependents who might be single, working part time, looking for work or studying at tertiary education institutions or any combination of the above, can often remain in the family home well into their 30s and 40s. Everyone needs their own space and this type of overcrowded living arrangement is a known cause of stress and can put a huge strain on family relationships.

Downsizing for the future

If land size permits then downsizing into Granny Flat must be considered as a preferable alternative to moving into a retirement village. Due to a sudden rush of baby boomers reaching retirement age and looking to downsize the competition to find suitable low maintenance accommodation is expensive.

Retirement Villages are springing up all over the country to allow for this increase in the large number of retirees. Unfortunately most retirement homes have drawbacks. They are usually situated in remote areas away from essential services such as doctors and shopping centres and have expensive on-going weekly fees.

The family benefits to building a Granny Flat

It is a known fact that the stress caused by having to endure unsatisfactory and overcrowded living conditions, can adversely affect the personal well-being and ultimate happiness of families. The team at DB Homes aspire to keeping families together without compromise to happiness, no matter what part of life’s journey the families are up to.

Extensive Inclusions

Our granny flat builders give you the most out of your investment. We supply everything, making your extension as easy as possible.

Our Granny Flats come with the following inclusions:

  • Complete painting
  • A modern kitchen, bathroom and laundry
  • Custom-designed interiors
  • Timeless exterior features
  • Complete electrical work

Things to keep in mind

Below are some important questions that you should ask yourself when thinking about designing your granny flat:

  • How many bedrooms will I need?
  • How large should my property be?
  • Do I have a preferred design in mind? (If not, we can help!)
  • What other features do I need?
  • Do I need wheelchair access?
  • Is additional parking going to be necessary?
  • What types of windows & doors will I need?

Take the Tour!

3D Walk through one of our Granny Flats

Our granny flat designs offer modern living features – take a 3D tour through one of our newly completed projects. You can navigate through the entire flat both inside and out as if you were actually there.

Our range of designs encompass all the features you need. Our builders can also work with you to create a customised plan that suits your both your space and requirements at no extra charge.

Simple Government Approvals

Unlike a simple DIY conversion of your garage, a granny flat is value-adding, modern addition and entirely legal. This does however involve getting government approval. Don’t worry – most residential areas are eligible and we can take care of the whole process. It just takes three simple steps:

Granny Flat Designs & Plans

Our designs are 100% customisable at no extra cost!

Our granny flat designs are as unique and beautiful as the precious jewels they are named after. Each of them represents an investment and modern living and forms the inspiration for your fully customisable design. Select one of our designs below to view floor plans, configuration details & inclusions.

Image Gallery

See some of our latest project images

Take a look at some of our recent project photos, including both internal and external photos of various granny flat designs including custom kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms & living areas

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