Investment provides long term value

Building a Granny Flat creates rental income and adds value to your property

Often its the second house couples look to build. When that time comes the advantages of a granny flat addition to their own home build,  could include the ability to borrow extra finance for their own house due to the additional potential investment income from the granny flat addition; ability to pay mortgage faster due to rental income; higher capital growth of their property which means less risk of losing money on resale if the situation ariises; Future cosiderations such as the ability to help family eg can conveniently house either their children (as per above) or an aging parent.

Extensive Inclusions

Our granny flat builders give you the most out of your investment. We supply everything, making your extension as easy as possible.

Our Granny Flats come with the following inclusions:

  • Complete painting
  • A modern kitchen, bathroom and laundry
  • Custom-designed interiors
  • Timeless exterior features
  • Complete electrical work

Things to keep in mind

Below are some important questions that you should ask yourself when thinking about designing your granny flat:

  • How many bedrooms will I need?
  • How large should my property be?
  • Do I have a preferred design in mind? (If not, we can help!)
  • What materials should I use for the roof?
  • Will I require a sliding door, or just a regular front door?
  • Is additional parking going to be necessary?
  • What types of windows will I need?

Granny Flat Designs & Plans

Our granny flat designs are as unique and beautiful as the precious jewels they are named after. Each of them represents an investment and modern living and forms the inspiration for your fully customisable design. Select one of our designs below to view floor plans, configuration details & inclusions.

Granny Flat Building Design - Amber Model


The Amber, a 2-bedroom granny flat featuring two generous bedrooms with separate bathroom and separate laundry containing toilet. Option of Alfresco.

Granny Flat Building Design - Aqua 2 Bedroom


The Aqua is a large 2-bedroom granny flat with private entry doors to bedrooms. Generous kitchen with a breakfast bar, separate laundry and toilet. Option of Alfresco.

Granny Flat Building Design - Crystal 2 Bedroom


The Crystal is one of our popular 2-bedrooms units, boasting plenty of room yet small enough for any backyard. Large combined bathroom/laundry with straight line kitchen.

Granny Flat Building Design - Diamond 2 Bedroom


The Diamond is a 2-bedroom granny flat with great master bedroom containing a walk-in-robe. It has combined bathroom and hand linen cupboard.

Granny Flat Building Design - Emerald 3 Bedroom


The Emerald is a cosy 3-bedroom granny flat with combined bathroom and laundry with an L-shaped kitchen and comfortable living area.

Granny Flat Building Design - Garnet 2 Bedroom Granny Flat


The Garnet is a spacious 2-bedroom granny flat with separate bathroom & laundry. It has a nice covered patio entry with plenty of windows to light up this beautiful design.

Granny Flat Building Design - Opal 2 Bedroom Granny Flat


The Opal is 2-bedroom granny flat that maximizes space. The bedrooms are positioned to allow for privacy from living areas. Includes a large bathroom and separate laundry.

Granny Flat Building Design - Pearl 2 Bedroom Granny Flat


The Pearl, a 2-bedroom granny flat featuring generous bedrooms. A large bathroom with separate laundry and galley kitchen. Customisable to suit your needs.

Granny Flat Building Design - Ruby 2 Bedroom Granny Flat


The Ruby is a relatively large 2-bedroom granny flat. Boasts master bedroom with a walk-in robe and separate bathroom, toilet and laundry, with a generous patio.

Granny Flat Building Design - Sapphire 2 Bedroom Granny Flat


The Sapphire Granny Flat design is for the space conscious people. Has a great flowing design with conveniently placed bedrooms and living space. Option of alfresco.

Granny Flat Building Design - Topaz 2 Bedroom Granny Flat


The Topaz is a practical 2-bedroom granny flat featuring a balanced living, kitchen and bedroom areas. It consists of a large bathroom and laundry combination with option of alfresco.

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