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The Pearl is the most unique of all our designs. Granny flats are often built so families can have an additional family member or two staying on the same property while maintaining a level of independence. However, sometimes a granny flat is for the property owner to increase the property’s value, the flat could be rented to someone unrelated.

The Pearl is ideal for this arrangement consisting of 2 bedrooms and a full bathroom. What makes the Pearl stand out is the garage. The resident will have peace of mind knowing that their car is parked securely, or they can use the garage use for extra storage.

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Granny Flat Inclusions

Industry Leading Quality Inclusions

Our extensive range of Granny Flat building inclusions provide a range of options to suit all individuals. From the exterior finish (Brick or Cladding) to the interior finishes from tiles to benchtops and tap fittings, our range of options are sure to impress and satisfy any specific requirement you have.

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