Is a Granny Flat a good investment?

The current government legislation that now allows for a Granny Flat to be constructed on a residential property is possibly one of the greatest investment opportunities that existing property owners may see in their lifetime.

Not all Granny Flats are built to last – property commentators warn that a poorly considered and poor-quality Granny Flat may, in time, detract from the value of a family home. By contrast, a well-built Granny Flat has potential to increase the value of the site while providing a good rental investment.

is a granny flat a good investment

For many, a rental income of more than $25,000p.a. is achievable.
  • As an example, a Granny Flat costing around $130,000 to build typically generates an annual rental yield of more than 15% in Sydney or Melbourne, assuming a tenant pays the going market rate.
  • That’s extremely favourable when compared to typical rental yields of less than 4% in both Sydney and Melbourne cities.
Average depreciation deductions for a Granny Flat – which includes proportions of utility bills, land rates and borrowing costs can also be claimed against income to reduce tax.
  • Shared areas between the granny flat and owner-occupied property, such as patios, pools and barbecues, can also be deducted depending upon usage.
  • Typical deductions are about $6,000 in the first year, rising to a total of more than $25,000 over five years.
Investors considering ways to shore up cash flow and profit from the current market conditions, without breaking the bank, will find it hard to ignore a Granny Flat as a cost-effective rental cash flow.
  • Most states, including NSW, allow Granny flats to be rented.
  • Having a rented Granny Flat alongside the principal residence allows you to keep an eye on tenants and often allows owners to self-manage the tenancy to further boost profitability.
  • Information about eligibility and restrictions is available online from State planning and environment departments.

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