Residential New Home Builders

Sophisticated Residential Design

DB Homes don’t just build houses, we build homes. Our team of residential home builders and specialists are confident that they will deliver you a home that you will be proud of and will want to live in and love forever.

A sophisticated prestige property which is not only beautiful and elegant both inside and out, but which also embraces the practical functionality needed for relaxed day to day living. It is the goal of DB Homes, that the excitement and happiness you feel when you and your family first move into your newly built DB Home, is a feeling which will remain with you for many years to come.

Whether you are building an elegant mansion, or a prestige family home or simply renovating a room, whatever your project might be, we’re confident that you will be impressed by the value for money DB Homes are able to achieve for your personal budget. Recognised for our quality workmanship and unparalleled customer service, the DB Homes team endeavor to work closely with you throughout every stage of your project to achieve the perfect result.

New Residential Home Builders & Construction

New Residential Homes

We combine a commitment to quality workmanship and unparalleled customer service to create iconic homes throughout Sydney. Our home builders specialise in beautiful yet practical constructions in the areas of renovation, residential and multi-unit developments.From room renovations to prestige homes, all of our designs are elegant and reflect value for money. We will work closely with you from the planning stages of your project, ensuring peace of mind and perfect results. View Image Gallery

Multi-Site Residential Development Builders

Multi Unit Developments

At DB Homes we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality and value for money on all our multi unit developments. Extensive product, design & materials research is provided prior to finalising designs as this ensures local community support and ensures a return on investment. If you are an investor contemplating a new development DB Homes can assist with the overall consultancy from development of business plans, feasibility analysis, QS reports through to strategic marketing programs. View Image Gallery

Home Renovations & Extension Construction

Renovations & Extensions

DB Homes realise that having work completed in your home or office is a difficult task but with this in mind we are able to work closely in planning the project carefully to ensure a stress free process during construction. By working closely with you we can discuss all design and building options available and help steer your project in the right direction from the start. View Image Gallery

Custom Granny Flat designs and plans

Custom Granny Flats

Whether you want to drive a new investment, help out a friend or family member or simply provide additional living space on your property, granny flats are an affordable and beneficial option.

Explore our range of designs for some inspiration, or create something new that’s perfect for your family. Whether you want a 3-bedroom or a cosier design, we have a range of affordable options available. See our designs & Find out more