You’ve come to the right place! Take all the guesswork out of building a Granny Flat and save yourself hours of online research.

Families across Australia are increasingly looking at a supplementary dwelling or Granny Flat, to create the additional housing space they need.

Lets look at some of the problems & solutions.

The Problems

  • Escalation of housing costs makes it difficult for families to have the space they need.
    With rent and home prices on the rise, it’s difficult for young adults to get a foothold in the housing market and for older adults to realise their retirement dreams.
  • A growing trend for both parents to work increases the financial and social value of having grandparents nearby to look after children, particularly after school before parents get back from work.
  • For many families, it’s important for Grandparents to live close by without being in the same home.

The Solutions

Granny Flats are great for families

They provide a close yet independent living arrangement for a loved one, or a great investment to generate income from the existing family property.

The system is in your favour

Building a Granny Flat is made easy with State Government regulations that avoid the red tape associated with traditional building consent.

building a granny flat guideWant to find out more?

Download our complete Guide to building a Granny Flat or contact us for more information.

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  • The Ultimate Guide

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